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2005-12-07, 21:10

I don't know what i did yesterday, but i infected my PC for the first time in 6 months with some malware that hijacks IE. The start page is modified to hxxp://www.yoursystemupdate.com where i am agressively invited to download antispyware programs, because my computer is infected. The only infection is this pest. Related sites are hxxp://onlinesecuritytest.net/ and hxxp://securityindex.net/] The pest also places two shortcuts on my desktop that lead to the above sites and imitate Windows XP icons related to security updates. There are also entries in the start-menu and in the favorites tab. Each time i am redirected, or Y!msg notifies me that i have new mail and i open the window, i get an error page and the message that my adware program prevents the access and i should download their crap.

Except spybot SD with TeaTimer, i also use Avast Home Edition and ZoneLabs Personal Firewall. Yesterday i updated both of them and after that i noticed the occurence. Another strange thing is that the firewall asks me if i want to grant persmission to Winlogon.. and i said yes.

After numerous scans, i have found no culprit. What shall i do? Please help me!

Firefox is not affected.

md usa spybot fan
2005-12-07, 21:28
Anytime that you get unsolicited pop-ups donít answer them in any way, not yes, no nor maybe. Remember all buttons can be programmed. Go to the title bar, right click and then close. Also consider reversing that firewall permission until you find out exactly what it is for.

I suggest that you post in the Malware Removal forum and see if the helpers there can determine what you have and help you get rid of it. To do that:
Follow the instructions here:
Before you post a log
Then post in the following forum:
Malware Removal

2005-12-07, 21:40
thank you for your advice, i think i might have smitfraud.

2008-02-25, 22:34

This is very bad, When I used Adware Alert anti-spyware of "linkremoved", this anti-spyware is also looking fake, and download unwanted files, which contain virus, this can hardly affted my system, I have format my system to remove this fake anti-spyware,

well, if you have not satisfied, you can remove this

All the Best!!