View Full Version : SpyBot didn't DETECT "EstAlive"

2006-11-01, 00:02
After making sure that SpyBot was Up-to-Date, I checked for problems
and was Congratulated that my Computer was O.K. But after running
Computer Associates Web-Site Pest Patrol Scanner I discovered that
My Computer is infected with the "EstAlive" PEST-Alias-
AdWare.Win32.IEHlpr.e [Kasperksy], Trojan.SmartAllYes [Symantec].
Why didn't SpyBot Detect this infection? & What can be done to correct
this matter ?

2006-11-01, 02:41

In future, if Spybot-S&D does not detect an item, please send the zipped file to: detections(AT)spybot.info
Replace AT with @

That is one manner in which detections are added after the malware has been researched.

The file would also be useful to determine if the item was flagged correctly and wasn't a false positive, which of course all programs do give on occasion.

Perhaps Pest Patrol has improved on their F/P score since I last tested. ;)