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2005-12-04, 01:30

i was infected, after reading a lot of suggestions,
run wXP on safe mode, delete all .exe files, folders but in regestry entries i must missing something

the popup in tool bar its gone, but it keeps redirecting my startpage to wxx.updateyoursystem.com

internet options checked up and no problem

any suggestions?

by the way, im newbie, so i dont know what its that of hijackthis :confused:


2005-12-05, 03:39
Hello saintShin, Welcome to the Forum.

There's a new version of HijackThis.

Please delete any HijackThis Folders and Files you have now.

Please download this self extracting file to your My Downloads folder or My Received Files (dependent on your Operating System):


Click the "Save" button.

Navigate to My Documents>Chose My Downloads or My Received Files folder once inside that folder click "Save".

Now go to the folder you saved HijackThis_sfx.exe in.

Double click HijackThis_sfx.exe and select Unzip. When done click "OK".
Close the WinZip self Extractor window.

Open HijackThis and select: Do a system scan and save a log file.

When the scan is finished, Click Edit> Select All> Edit> Copy> and paste its contents here [Post Reply].

2005-12-07, 16:11
saintShin, do you still require assistance?

2005-12-08, 23:54
Due to lack of a response this topic will be archived.
If you need the topic reopened please pm me.