View Full Version : Absence of link to Spywareblaster in 1.4 ??

Andy Gabor
2005-10-26, 21:29
I just discovered that the link to spywareblaster is gone in 1.4 but present in 1.3. What was the reason do the upgrade -deletion.


2005-10-27, 02:44
As I recall it was found that the link caused some new users to be confused, so it was removed in 1.4 final release.

It wasn't a falling out or anything, because it's still listed near the top of the Links page on the Safer-Networking.org site.

2005-10-27, 09:24
Hello Andy,

Bitman is abolutely right. ;)

We recommended Javacool's Spywareblaster to our users in the past.
But we decided against this in our new version, because it confused a lot of users,
who thought our product had been hijacked by this "advertisement".
If you want to download it you can go to their website:

Best regards
Team Spybot

Andy Gabor
2005-10-27, 21:02
Gotit Thanks. I liked the link.