View Full Version : Info bar on bottom is now blacked out

2005-10-26, 23:53
I have Spybot S&D 1.4, and I just downloaded and installed the 10-21-05 updates, and now the info bar (it showed what scan was currently running during scanning) at the bottom of the Spybot window is black. I started a scan, and the progress bar filled up, and then the program seemed to hang (the progress bar never changed, like it does when different scans are being performed). I cannot confirm that it is hung, because I can't see the scan info in the info bar. Has this happened to anyone else?
I've been using Spybot for a couple of years, so I'm not a newbie, and this isn't a new installation of Spybot
I'm running W2k Pro SP4 w/rollup, and 1 GB of DDR400.

Can anyone help? :confused:

Thanks in advance.

2005-10-27, 09:38

Perhaps you have screenshot for us? :)

This would help.

And one question? Does the scan come to an end? Do you get any message?

Best regards
Team Spybot

2005-10-28, 05:58

Here's a cropped screenshot of the info bar. The scan now finishes, but I'm still mystified about the black info bar.:confused: