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2005-10-27, 21:16
I haven't looked at the Forum for a couple of weeks but I have now had to register again. Is that correct? This appears to be a new site and assume that all the previous help is there if necessary. I assume that I can delete the old site from My Favourites.


md usa spybot fan
2005-10-27, 21:47
Judesman :

Actually I have not heard that net-integration foums (http://forums.net-integration.net/index.php?) won’t eventually be restored, although the information about the status of the site is vague.

I personally haven’t deleted the favourite (favorite – American English) for the NI-forums site, at 207 bytes (the size of mine), why bother yet until some official information is forthcoming.

Good to see that you found your way here.

md usa spybot fan

2005-10-27, 21:48
Hello Judesman, nice to see you again. :)

Regarding N-I I have no information regarding the status there or whether it will come back up.

Yes this is a new site and you will be able to receive Spybot-S&D assistance here.

This FAQ may be helpful:

Cheers. tashi

Oops, did not see md usa spybot fan posting. :D

2005-10-27, 22:58

Am new here? Wrote up a querry or two and a long list of suggestions but
nowhere to send. The target email link came back with some kind of error.

How do I go about this without a proper email address to PEPI MK?

Also would like to include/attach small graphic (download-speed graph).

On the offchance that someone here might be able to get my attempt at a
message forwarded somehow to whom it may concern, I'll just try to paste the whole mess in here, if that's OK with you guys (and gals)?

Well, here goes... (it's a bit long)



Bug Report:

THIS IS NOT A 'BUG REPORT', AS SUCH. MOSTLY JUST SOME BASIC "SUGGESTIONS TO MAYBE IMPROVE OPS & PERFORMANCE" - but there is no such category in the feedback Repertoire. (Brief summary at end).

1. SPYWARE??? "Trek Blue Error Nuker" is detected by Spybot as spyware
in "C:\Program Files\Error Nuker" and two places in Registry..

Why is this.? 'Error Nuker' is a Registry scanner from 'Trek Blue' that I just
installed for trial.

Is this maybe some dangerous (red) spyware? Please advise.


2. BAD CHECK SUM UPDATING. Frequent bad line and bad service provider
Server gives "bad checksum" for Spybot updates. Those who reported
similar, may have same problem as I. Appears to be easily correctable.

I get around it (EVERY TIME) w/a simple 'download manager' (in my
case, "GetRight"). I will try attach screenshot of 'Getright' download
speed graph, if can, to demonstrate the problem.

The graph shows how terrible the line and local server conditions are most
of the time (around here, anyway). This has nothing to do with your
end. The graph is same for other sites. I double-checked all this. When
things are good, the graph stays high, smooth and clean at 3.5 - 4 KBps - and I don't get any download errors.

The above-noted expedient works perfectly every time but since in
Spybot's case it, for some reason, 'can't grab' the file to download, I have
to enter the long URL's to each file manually, each time in 'GetRight', once
for each download of a particular-name update file.

3. The other problem is that to determine the above-noted update-file URLs, one has to each
time bring down the cursor slowly from the TOP of the menu and 'hover' over the file name
to see the URL popup.

But the popup disappears in only about 2 seconds. This should not happen. It should best
display for as long as the cursor is on it, or, for at least 15 seconds (I am a v. slow reader, OK).

These latter two drawbacks are a bit cumbersome and tough on older, non-technical people.

4. NO MANUAL UPDATE CONFIRM. I manually unzip all downloaded update files after put in
Spybot "Includes" sub-folder. However, when I run a scan right after, there's nothing to
*confirm* that new updates were installed. So I scanned for updates again and noted that
at least one file (the main 965KB definitions file, I think it was) was still ticked as ready to
be downloaded again - when in fact it had already been manually installed.

5. OPTION TO REDUCE SCOPE OF THE SCAN. It would be good to know exactly what Spybot
scans. Virus scanners have options to allow scanning of as little as one specific file or folder
only. There's no need, for example, to scan huge quantities fixed Windows "cab" files (and
similar, elsewhere) over and over again.

This can save a heck of a lot of scan time & wear and tear on the drive (sometimes, hours).
It is *pure hell* if you have a slow comp, many infections, or, a slow drive. The exclusion
option is good for quick double-checking of only the suspicious files or folders.

Conversely, an "inclusion" option might be even better. Thus, I might just want to confirm that the 'Registry', or whatever, at least, is clean.

Time is getting more important by the day, as we all know. There's never enough of it.
Therefore, and although I agree that Spybot has a v. fast scan engine indeed, a simple
painless improvement like suggested here can only enhance that judgement.

Things are no doubt a bit different in the case of SpyBot. Still, for a follow-up check, one
should be able to speed things up by choosing what areas one might wish to exclude from
(or 'include' in) the scan. (This suggestion has nothing to do with excluding, for example,
"cookies" from the scan, as noted in the FAQ).

In conclusion I respectfully submit that Spybot Update might benefit from:

a. detail on major-name ("assumed") spyware to be removed (ex: "Error Nuke" - if it is such),
b. a 'Resume download' feature for main product AND updates,
c. a longer 'hover' persistancy for under-the-cursor pop-ups,
d. clear instructions for "manual update" (in HELP),
e. an "update-confirmed" mechanism for manual updates,
f. an 'inclusion' or 'exclusion' menu option, and
f. possibly an "upate-manually-from-downloaded-zip-file" option (maybe on Update menu). This could be an 'off-line' feature.

If I may say so, the 'bug reporting' appears to be overly complicated (as explained in HELP) - possibly to deter such reports. The HELP on this may be out of date and is very confusing and, in fact, misleading. Why not just provide a simple email address that users can send their own suggestions and reports to in their own way - that is, for "simple" suggestions & reports only.

These suggestions are for your consideration only. Folks do realize that you must have your hands full just keeping up with the core functions of the program, plus the updates. You can believe it's appreciated (we'll get to that part in good time; right now I got me no job or account - just this old hand-me-down Win98 comp for company).



Well I don't think I can paste the graphic in here. If I try, may blow this message. So maybe I'll try it in a 2nd message (shows you how much I know about these things).

Hang on. Thought I saw smething about attachments. Will check... No good.
It was a screen shot pasted in a blank doc file and comes to 290KB. Got to
figure out some way to convert that now to a small .jpg pic maybe. But how?

2005-10-28, 12:07
Thanks md usa spybot fan and tashi.

Alzheimer; I think you should start a new thread with your query. I am sure you will get some help.