View Full Version : spy bpt search and destroy in othere languages for other country's?

2006-12-09, 01:48
hey, i have been using Spy bot Search and destroy since i had my first pc which was a windows 95 then a 98 then a xp now a vista version too what i have noticed is that mac, Microsoft, and Norton seemed to have teamed up with secondary and collage students to help them translate their product in there native lang example since i am from Malta, and i use alot of security for many Company, most of the worker don't understand most languages, so if it cam in a Maltese version it would be much better and even end up in schools and les spy ware will be spread around...

i am willing to volunteer to translate from English to maltese

2006-12-11, 17:01
Here you can see a list of existing translations. (http://www.safer-networking.org/en/spybotsd/index.html)

Possibly even more than Microsoft and Symantec have ;)

Further translations are quite welcome though, I love to see words in foreign languages :) ... please just send an email to languages(at)spybot.info ( replace the (at) with @ ), then Flo should be able to tell you more about it :)