View Full Version : how do I disable immunization - permanantly?

2006-12-11, 12:50
Hi, as the title says, how do I permanently disable immunization? I tried to undo on the immunization page, and it seems to do so, but when I re-open spybot and go to the immunization page, its re-enabled itself! I tried disabling it (immunization) then unchecking the resident teatimer and then rechecking it after teatimer had closed, which seemed to work, but after closing spybot and opening it again the immunization was back? I tried this several times, all with same result
What am I doing wrong?

2006-12-11, 13:07

You will have to deactivate the SDHelper.
Thatīs the way to deactivate it: run Spybot-S&D, switch to the "Advanced mode" via the menu bar item "Mode" --> hit "YES" --> select "Tools" in the navigation bar on the left --> "Resident" and there you can untick the checkboxes in front of the tool.

Best regards
Team Spybot

2006-12-11, 14:09
Hi Sandra,
I have tried that, disabling SD helper and teatimer and then undoing immunization. I close spybot after re-enabling SD helper and teatimer, then re-open spybot, and the immunization is back. I tried disabling them both (SD helper and teatimer) disabling immunization, and then not activating sd helper or teatimer, but the same thing happens after restarting spybot, immunization is back!
Perhaps I should mention here that I recently installed the beta teatimer and scanning engine, I had forgotten that when I first posted...http://forums.spybot.info/images/smilies/poster_oops.gif
thanks, argus

2006-12-11, 14:36
What do you mean by re-immunizing? That the progress bar is active when switching to the immunization page is normal, that's just checking, not applying. Or does it explicitely say that it immunized?
Also, are you trying this under an account with administrator priviliges? Otherwise you won't be able to undo immunization for other users than yourself.

2006-12-12, 00:08
when I access the immunization section, it says that x bad products are now permanently blocked. I am on admin acct, I'm not sure whether spybot is enabled for the non-admin, I never use it.

2006-12-12, 04:13
I seem to have solved the problem, i disabled immunization, and then uninstalled spybot without closing it, which would seem to have done the trick. When I re-installed it (not the beta this time) immunization was disabled. I have no idea what was causing this to happen, perhaps a bug in the beta tools?
Thanks, argus :-)