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2006-12-13, 03:29
Windows XP Home SP2
Spybot 1.4

Don't know if this has been suggested before but...the Spybot scan on my machine takes approximately 16 minutes. During that time I close all other programs and minimize Spybot to the Taskbar, like so...


My question/suggestion is, could a "monitor" or "progress bar" be added to the Taskbar Icon in future builds so that while a scan is being performed a user could easily see the progress of the scan, instead of, 1) leaving the Spybot window maximized or, 2) maximizing and minimizing the window, in order to check how close the scan is to completion.


Telstar :bigthumb:

2007-01-05, 12:55
So long as the scan time remains a constant, simply budget for that time and do something else - yes, there are apps that give you a 'timer' in the taskbutton, but it's not going to make the time any shorter. Adding GUI 'features' just adds to overhead. Possibly it could be done, but it's an ill-afforded luxury imvho.

Have a sandwich, pet your cat, play with the dog - it's only 15+ minutes :coffee:

2007-01-05, 16:41
Thanks for your comment,

However, with almost a month and over 80 views having passed by my initial post, I had already concluded that my suggestion was not garnering any attention and therefore was not going to be adopted as a practical addition to any forthcoming S&D GUI...so be it, it was just a silly idea anyway.

Out of respect and admiration for your long tenure ME_2& on the Spybot-S&D Beta Development Team, and your having joined these Forums way back in December of '06, I appreciate your comment certainly as being representative of all others' views and therefore will refrain from future posting of any more frivolous, impractical and overhead-depleting ideas.

Oh, and btw, thank you for your suggestions on what I can do with my valuable time but, I have that situation well under control...just look at how well I've utilized and put to use these last five minutes.