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2006-12-16, 03:38
Awhile back--when I had 98SE--I had a freewebs account and when I did I had troubles with Spybot's blacklisted site list. It would be saying that freewebs.com was not a good site. All freewebs.com is is a free hosting site, I see nothing wrong with it.

However, I am currently disabling the "block bad sites" option in Spybot because of this--in my XP--, since I cannot remove freewebs from this list. And it shows up as "blocked sites" in Internet Explorer...
I have a friend who I help, who has a freewebs account, and can not afford to be blocking a good site i.e. his since it is on the freewebs servers.

Perhaps fix spybot so it can allow this site, or tell me why it is bad...
Also, please consider making Spybot work with FireFox too not just Internet Explorer. :sad:

Thanks for your time.


2006-12-18, 10:41

listing freewebs.com was a fp some time ago, using immunization with spybot however could result in leaving the freewebs.com in the restricted zones.
Disabling all active components on the website.

I will send you a fix via email so you can normally access the freewebs.com website with the IE again.
so please send me your email adress via pm.

2006-12-19, 14:01
I forgot an alternative with which you can undo the Immunization manually.

(1) start Spybot S&D, update if you haven't done so, then undo undo the immunization.
(2) Go to the Internet Options of your IE (you ca get there via the Control Panel)
(3) Go to the Security tab and select the Restricted sites, in "sites..." you will find the remaining sites that are set as restricted
you can select freewebs.com and remove it from there.

this should do the trick ^^

2006-12-19, 22:28
I PMed you http://xs310.xs.to/xs310/06512/lmaosmiley.gif (http://xs.to)


2006-12-21, 00:35
Thanks for the patch, it seems to be working now :present:
If anyone else needs it you can download it here:
Instructions below:

//Tutorial Originally made by Van Vi Truong
Team SpybotS&D///

The zip includes a .sbi file for Spybot. It contains rules for fixing
the false positive within the IE zonemap and the hosts file.
Note that you may require administrative access rights for Windows
(1)You will need to unzip the file and copy it to the Spybot includes
The default path is : c:\program files\Spybot - Search &
(2) Start Spybot S&D, switch to advanced Mode
(3) Go to Settings - File Sets, the TED-FalsepositiveFix.Freewebs.sbi
should already be checked, if you want to speed up the scan you can
uncheck not required scans here.
(4) Scan with Spybot S&D, it will find the remaining entries
for the Freewebs. FP, fix them.
(5) After that you can remove the TED-FalsepositiveFix.Freewebs.sbi
the includes folder, it is not required anymore. Remember to recheck
filesets you usally scan (if you unchecked them in (3)).

Thanks for all of your help!

http://xs110.xs.to/xs110/06513/spybot1.png (http://xs.to)