Product: TeaTimer.exe

The resident protection.

  1.  Description

    1. A test version of TeaTimer only. To use this beta file, extract the downloaded archive into the main application folder (usually C:\Program Files\Spybot - Search & Destroy\). Make sure to close TeaTimer first if it is running (see Task Manager), and allow to overwrite system files (in case of doubt, make hidden files visible and delete old TeaTimer.exe first).

      Supported OS: Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT, Win2000, WinXP, Win2003, WinXP64, Vista, Win2008, WinPE

      No screenshots for this file.

      Supported languages: English

Version History

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      New option to reset all user decisions; re-enabling afetr disabling asks if all decisions in the meantime should be auto-accepted. Improved for 120 dpi screens.

      • 2009-02-27
      995.9 kB 
      • CRC32: 31189FA9
      • MD5: 125BF35F283E468C0F815C4E8E09B052
      • SHA1: 4825383C5CCCBB419EC0DA5B5BC9B62C7C42CEFC
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      Only change is a "paranoid mode" switch that allows to use TeaTimer only for flagging bad, not unknown, entries. This switch is disabled by default (which means a changed default behaviour, if you actually liked this, you will have to enable it).

      • 2009-02-08
      995.4 kB 
      • CRC32: 5365B03D
      • MD5: 52A992917AA1DAE81A0C8A837EBB067A
      • SHA1: 65AB189C15BEC1377E93745A7A1DDA4F18539442
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      Enforces TeaTimer icon for users with no icon showing after XP SP3 update.

      • 2008-10-28
      944.4 kB 
      • CRC32: D819A630
      • MD5: 556C8500DE74D3C64EBF63C2907DAC5D
      • SHA1: 4A896898005201A2E42842578F3498EAB8DAE735