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    I must be getting better at this.

    Thanks and I apologize for my delay responding. Aside from routine scanning, this represents the first attempt at cleaning my computer since I formatted and reinstalled the OS about seven months ago....
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    The usual ultra-slow thing going on...

    Hi, I guess the Title sums things up pretty well. I've been having pretty good luck until recently at keeping my computer running at least nominal, that changed recently and I'm hoping you can help...
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    Done :)

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    will do

    Thanks for the updated info, I couldn't find any way to manually get the usb system working, they just returned to normal after the PE fix. I do have an account with wireshark community, just need to...
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    noscript, should be standard equipment on any browser.

    Thanks for keeping the thread open while I continue my education. I'm loving the noscript, learning fast and I'll never surf without it again. The links to POP and related stuff were much...
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    POPS and stuff

    (Not old enough to retire in real life dang it) - It ain't all it's cracked up to be in the brochures, I recommend a significant lottery win or other substantial windfall first.
    The noscript is...
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    Stuff about "Stuff"

    "Best way I can think of, people who have accounts with Nortons is to keep reporting it."
    -Oh, I'm "all over" that advice. After 3+ hours of remote... Lets just say they are keeping in touch and...
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    Thanks for those links, I'll be making good use of that stuff. In particular the noscript looks exactly like what I need.
    Norton of course flagged delfix as threat and quarantined it as a SAPE. I'm...
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    Clean roots

    "The windows phone will be there till its completely removed."
    Done, those two unknown accounts were creeping me out. I let the STM program do it for me. Not sure how exactly the phone program was...
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    Prolific posting

    I believe I posted the wrong Mbam log previously this should be the correct one.

    -Log Details-
    Scan Date: 5/21/19
    Scan Time: 1:00 AM
    Log File:...
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    Logs, script and strange things.

    About the logs, After running the latest FRST fix, (the script did its thing flawlessly, thanks again) I was able to download RK and Mbam through your links, run them without any problem and get the...
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    An important point

    The site/software Duckware I mentioned in the previous post is without a doubt legitimate, my concern is that it has been modified as I don't recognize it at all. If anyone has info on the entry on...
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    Still chipping away

    I've attached the latest scans as well as went over #7 again, It is entirely possible that I'm getting something wrong but i believe its correct. I did, early in this process reset my FF, things got...
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    More "Stuff"

    The info on the errors that you posted was very interesting, and would account for some whacko behavior I've been watching lately. I did recognize some of that from logs we recently dealt with....
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    Oh yes, forgot this on the last upload, sorry.

    See title.
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    "Has Symantec/Nortons working as it should?"

    About the title of this reply... no, not so much. When I realized what I was looking at (It's pretty ambiguous to a newbie) I ran a clean FRST, then started this thread as well as contacted Norton...
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    Scan Logs v.1.0

    No worries on the response time, I'm very patient while getting free, good advice. The logs attached logs reflect a lot of fixes and the restarts were pretty involved, still not out of the proverbial...
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    Redirecting and stuff

    Hi, (again) I've recently picked up a redirect that I'd like some help with, hoping I haven't worn out your patience and I can get your opinion on these logs. I pulled this off the Wireshark, maybe...
  19. A clean machine (Knocking on wood)

    Wanted to thank you for your help again, the FRST fixes are priceless to me. I've run many scans, including root kits, everything comes up clean no matter what scanner or tool is used, I'm assuming...
  20. latest fixlog and stuff

    This looks interesting, curious what you think. I did disable one of the Norton "Ask" extensions in my FF, that seems to have been a good thing to do. let me know if there are any other tools I...
  21. Another FRST

    Things were running suspiciously smooth so I delfixed and FRSTed again. There are some familiar entries, what do you make of this scan?

    Additional scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (x64)...
  22. Fixlog results

    Hope this is what we are looking for. :red:

    Fix result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (x64) Version: 29.11.2018 01
    Ran by oldman (29-11-2018 13:03:11) Run:1
    Running from C:\Users\oldman\Desktop...
  23. Another FRST

    After a couple days of relatively "safe" browser use, this is the resulting FRST logs. I did, for a period of time, delete super cookies for the site but they haven't shown up for a...
  24. delfixed

    At this point I'll rerun FRST and see if any of the old redirects show up. Thanks
  25. So much better!

    The title says it all, shall I delfix it yet?
  26. Progress

    It seems that the spyprotector I have unfortunately shares its name with another, less desirable program.

    The spyprotector on...
  27. 2nd FRST scan

    This scan was run without delfixing or any other changes, other than putting the last scan logs into a separate folder. I haven't used the VPN or spyprotector since the last round of fixes. Browsing...
  28. Clean Mbar scan

    The Mbar ran without any glitches but came up clean, nothing to post on that. A few noteworthy items I should mention at this point would be that I deleted my chrome browser some time ago since I...
  29. Scan Logs

    The FRST fix had a hang up while running, had to run it twice to get the log.
    The Rogue scan was clean so I didn't pos that log.

    Fix result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (x64) Version: 15.11.2018...
  30. Many thanks for reopening

    As we go through the process this time I would like to bring up several questions concerning different aspects of the infection/fix. After reading through other malware threads I see a lot of issues...
  31. A clean EEK scan

    :cool: I can't believe how well this machine is running now, thanks so much. I'll check back to see if there are any more thoughts on this but things are looking pretty good.
  32. The story thus far

    Interestingly enough... I had to do a system restore (1st time ever on this machine)this morning to get it running. This brought me back to a point prior to the download, install and scan of the...
  33. The usual redirects, with a possible kernel rootkit, thrown in for good measure.

    I should have formatted and reinstalled the OS on this machine last summer but I've been playing around with it, trying to understand the connectivity issues that came up last summer when I posted...
  34. Pros and cons

    Since my problem obviously doesn't fall in the Malware category I should probably put an end to this thread, however I haven't due to the info I'm learning from all the links is so interesting, as...
  35. network drivers and stuff

    I'm still going over the links you posted, a lot of good info there. While reading on removing the VB host network, I noticed a tip about going into device manager and disabling any VB hosts you...
  36. A quick note

    Yup, I'm definitely on a learning curve here, I attached the wrong file, trying again.
    I was fortunate enough to secure the bank business right off, the accounts linked to my email are the biggest...
  37. Details and stuff

    Sorry, I forgot to attach the SS.
  38. Routers and links

    I do need to contact my Internet service again because when I look at the router firewall setting in the configurator page, it says, it is set too low. I'm not sure if the Norton firewall settings...
  39. I really need to learn "multi-qoute" but this will do for now.

    OK, let's see if I can help here.
    Did you want Norton Safe Search set as home page or did you want it set to something else?
    Recover missing Norton Identity Safe Toolbar on browser...
  40. Quirks and such...

    Fix result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (x64) Version: 16.05.2018 01
    Ran by oldman (29-05-2018 22:35:15) Run:2
    Running from C:\Users\oldman\Desktop
    Loaded Profiles: oldman (Available Profiles:...
  41. TY Tashi : ), another malware question.

    I'm still working on my issue, but one more variable has come up. It appears my Granddaughter was on my computer last night, and there are some new quirks in the machine today... If you have time...
  42. Too Cool!

    Thanks, I'll make arrangements with the admin. I wish it was this easy dealing with Google, getting past their bot help system and talking with a human seems to be accomplished only by posting on...
  43. Um, just one more question...

    This is a problem I have a lot recently, I don't remember my current password here on the forum and when I try to update my email address I can't request a new password because I can't access the...
  44. Thanks again

    I appreciate the links and info, thank you. I'm still going through the account recovery process with Google, that's going to take some time but I'm patient. As for the VPN, yes, I do use the Norton...
  45. Thanks again

    I appreciate the links and info, thank you. I'm still going through the account recovery process with Google, that's going to take some time but I'm patient. As for the VPN, yes, I do use the Norton...
  46. Emsi log, explanation of my problem.

    Emsisoft Emergency Kit - Version 2018.3
    Last update: 5/22/2018 10:54:21 AM
    User account: eustace\oldman
    Computer name: EUSTACE
    OS version: Windows 10x64

    Scan settings:

    Scan type: Malware...
  47. Fix logs and such.

    This was interesting. Do you see anything that could explain my email account changes being logged in another location?
    # -------------------------------
    # Malwarebytes AdwCleaner
  48. Twitter account hack, email account compromised, possible browser problem

    Well, here I am again. The story thus far, my twitter account was hacked recently. I'm sure of this because my Twit account says it was accessed from Greenwood Ind. and New York. when I go to my...
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    Um, just one more question...

    Since the thread was still open I thought I'd ask a quick question about the what the tech Site, I have signed up, done a search for relevant issue posts (using likely inferior search criteria), and...
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