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    rootkit tool in forum DL section

    I read a post that mentioned a TC plugin useful if rootkit may be hiding files. The plugin was also listed in ""goodies" section: That download link...
  2. Thanks for the info. I am seeing the same as what...

    Thanks for the info. I am seeing the same as what you see. It is disappointing that data content of key is not shown.

    ( I had tested this on Win XP and WIn 2K SP4 running under an administrator...
  3. Total commander plugin - registry viewer usage

    Can anyone confirm that the registry viewer plugin (NTRegistry.wfx) only shows keys in HKLM and does not show value of a key. That is how it appears to be working on my machine or am I missing...
  4. File download window - wrong text - v1.6.0.31 9x,2k,XP

    Searched in forum for "File download window" but found nothing relevant:

    SpybotSd v1.6.0.31
    OS: win 9x, XP, 2k

    Have seen this download window showing unreadable text during installation of the...
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