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  1. System Internals: Programs in system environment path still detected as invalid.

    The System Internals scan detects "Run" entries as invalid if they are not a full path, even if they are in the system environment path.


    Registry Path: HKLM - SOFTWARE - Microsoft -...
  2. Results posted below message. As you can see,...

    Results posted below message.

    As you can see, I've disabled the "" file set. And yet cookies are being detected when I do a scan.


    (1) Disabling any other file set works...
  3. Cookies still detected after disabling "" file set.

    Under the File Sets settings, I've unchecked "", "", and "", so that cookies and Windows security settings won't be detected.

    When I do a scan, it doesn't...
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    Click on the Mode menu, choose "Advanced mode"....

    Click on the Mode menu, choose "Advanced mode". Click the Yes button to confirm your choice.

    Click on the Settings button.

    Go to the "Settings" (there's a settings sub-section in the settings...
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