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  1. Still no fix or update for Reocurring pop-up BitDefender Threat Scanner issue

    I'm very disappointed in Spybot not addressing this issue considering it is 1 year on. I have just discovered 2.7 beta so maybe this has addressed this? I shall see.
    Safer networking should be...
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    Spybot 2.6.46 Bitdefender popup error fixed

    I have tried this and it works fine again without ever causing the popup or any messages on shutdown. The Bitdefenderthreatscanner.dmp file is no longer created in Windows/Temp anymore. Thank you so...
  3. Recurring pop-up BitFefender Threat Scanner errors

    The only solution I have found that keeps Spybot working is uninstalling 2.6.46 completely and deleting all the folders and registry entries left behind.
    Reinstall 2.4 only and update but do not run...
  4. Spybot 2.6.46 Bitdefender Scanner Error

    After much annoyance from constant errors on shutdown about this error and my machine taking much longer than it should to shut down I have uninstalled.
    I have used Spybot for years without any...
  5. Spybot 2.6.46 Shutdown pop up Bitdefender Thread Scanner error

    Having updated Spybot 2.5 to 2.6.46 I keep getting the reoccurring error on my Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit Creators Update edition stating there is a problem with the Bitdefender Thread Scanner on shutdown...
  6. Spybot 2.6.46 Shutdown pop up Bitdender Thread Scanner error

    I have installed Spybot 2.6.46 over my previous installation which I had version 2.4 updated with the postwin10.exe file. All updates installed this way and have always got the program to update...
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