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  1. Hey Malcom

    Have you tried bufferzone? That puts like a forcefield around all your data etc.Probably better than sandboxie or Zonealarm forcefield,as they have a backdoor that any one in the know can come in...
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    Spybot 1.6 up

    I installed spybot 1.5,1.6 on a PC ages ago. I had run other malware removers like Trojan Killer, Lavasoft Adware 2007, and others, and found no spyware.

    When I ran Spybot 1.5 or 6,after I updated...
  3. Thread: Claro

    by shadowmanfan

    Claro was installed but now...

    Claro was installed but is now GONE!

    I believe that when I installed Advanced TOr,Onion router and Privoxy, it gave me 2 other "nasties" I didn't want but I removed them easily.
    The option to...
  4. Fixed: Info found on PC about Tarma Installer

    Detected by Advanced Systemcare Ultimate antivirus:
    Hasn't stated it as Malware.

    C:\Documents and settings\All users\Application data\Tarma...
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