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  1. Whoah. Something has sucked up many GBs of HD...

    Whoah. Something has sucked up many GBs of HD space. Very odd. Just noticed that thanks to RSIT.
  2. RSIT results

    Sorry for the delay. Urgent medical stuff took priority.

    info.txt logfile of random's system information tool 1.04 2008-11-13 14:02:30

    ======Uninstall list======

  3. How to proceed?


    Do you want me to re-enable winlogone in the startup using msconfig and put the two suspect files back to their original names and then reboot and then run the scan? (See my above kludge...
  4. Fake Firewall Warning & Possible Update Blocker!

    Newbie to the forums. Be gentle. I am here per Tashia's request at

    I've been getting these bogus warnings in an attempt to...
  5. VISfdw and winlogone

    I've emailed the suspect file and a suspicious DLL.

    winlogone appears to be the startup task that gets this all rolling.

    This HJT thingy is new to me and it looks complicated- and i'm late for...
  6. VISfdw.exe

    Update: This come-on inducement to buy their crapware is said to connect to their servers and download more and more malicious code. the offending executable is called VISfdw.exe and in my case was...
  7. Replies

    Did that but still no Joy

    I tried again using Run As Administrator but had almost identical problems. I've created a new thread since this may be Vista-specific, and it involves some other errors, along with a very detailed...
  8. Vista Install Hell: "Error retrieving update info file!"

    I tried posting this in the SBSD Bugs thread but i lacked permissions.

    I downloaded SBSD because Vista's Firewall alerted me to some spyware that i got ( Spyware.RemoteSpy ), apparently, just by...
  9. Replies

    Error retrieving update info file!

    I tried this after installing S&D on Vista Home but when i try to run S&D for the first time it it tries to run the updater anyway, and i get the same sorts of errors as came up during the Install...
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