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  1. killbox

    Killbox...any thoughts?
  2. Thanks!

  3. This particular case I am not using spybot. I can...

    This particular case I am not using spybot. I can only use software the client has license(s) or has a preference for and I only distribute software that I am authorized to distribute .This is more a...
  4. How important is security to the average user?

    On this forum, you have a group of people who are keenly aware of security threats, malware etc. However, in my business, I deal with business computer users who are under the impression it won't...
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    Thank You Spybot

    I have used SPYBOT for a few years now as a kind of secret weapon in dealing with some of the issues that come up on the job. Just wanted to say thanks for a truly useful tool. Keep up the Good Work!
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