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    Ignore this request. I found the page to report...

    Ignore this request. I found the page to report problems.
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    Runtime Error 216 at 07B532AB

    Immediately when I start a Scan, and it has been 148 days since the last, I get the runtime error 216 shown in Subject Title of this thread. How do I contact support to get this fixed? The scan is...
  3. Spybot Anti-Beacon Plus - "Your license is broken" I'm not getting fully protected

    I'm getting this notification: "68 out of 94 protected - Anti-Beacon requires 26. Your license is broken- please reinstall it."

    According to Spybot instruction, I go to the Start screen, click...
  4. Do I need any Anti-Virus Software if I have Spybot+AV (purchased)?

    I have Kaspersky anti-virus program on my computer. Today I purchased Home edition of Spybot+AV. Do I need to run Kaspersky anymore? Does Spybot protect my computer from all threats so I don't...
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