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  1. What is contained within a FileAlyzer report?

    I was hoping that all of the data I see in the GUI would be written to the report file. When I select, "Report->Save report to file" the file contains a sub-set of the data shown in the GUI. Is here...
  2. I have a work around

    I can use a python script to select the controls I want to generate a report and close the app.

  3. Didn't seem to work as I need

    I ran Filealyzer 1.6 as such from a Windows command prompt:
    Filealyzer /xmlreport myfile.exe
    Filealyzer myfile.exe /xmlreport

    Filealyzer /textreport myfile.exe
    Filealyzer myfile.exe /textreport...
  4. Very good.

    I will look for the dll and try 1.x and wait eagerly for a public version of 2.0 with command line parameters.

    Mike Malone
  5. That would be great

    This would allow me to use the utility as I need it. So I don't have to write my own PE parser. :-O

  6. More data

    I am able to launch it from the command line and point it at a file to analyze. It launches the GUI with the file analyzed. So what I am looking for is something like command line switches to not...
  7. Is Filealyzer scriptable or does it have command line parameters?

    I want to programmatically launch filealyzer, point it at a file and have it generate a report then close. Can I do that?

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