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  1. Thanks, Nick

    Thanks, I'll go ahead and run another scan and "fix" these items, since no mention was made of them doing anything detrimental.
  2. General ? re: scan log, specifically registry keys and changes

    I'm running the latest SpyBot on Windows 8.1. Recent scan showed a number of Registry Key and Registry Change items with the category of TRACKS. All the Registry Change entries show a path which...
  3. Immunization Problem Solved


    I found the Show Details option and clicked it to see if I could get you a screenshot. It came up with lots of IE entries, so I checkmarked all of them and then clicked on Immunize...
  4. Immunizations not working (Win 8.1, IE 11, Spybot 2.2)

    Each attempt to immunize shows the same results:

    110,012 entries of 204,534 are already immunized; 94,522 remain unprotected. I've tried this many times over the past week, (as Admin) with these...
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