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  1. full steam ahead

    Thanks to steam:D ,
    Turns out the 128 stick is bad! I will have to get new one. May just get two since I am so short on Ram. May resolve the majority of my issues.
    I thoroughly enjoyed your site...
  2. Thanks for the go ahead Steamwiz

    :) I will put it on my to do list for tomorrow.

    Since I last wrote, I have been checking out a program called autoruns from sysinternals. Are you familiar with the program?
    I ran a scan with...
  3. afraid to do that

    I feared pulling the 64 stick since as you said my RAM was all but used up. do you think I should try it and if so should I go into msconfig startup and limit startup items?

    Thanks again steamwiz
  4. Thanks SteamWiz

    I did as you suggested and it would seem that the 128 stick is bad. when I pulled the 64 stick I still showed the same shortage. It seems logical to me that if it were a windows ME fluke the...
  5. Thanks SteamWiz

    I will try your suggestion.

    You at thank the guys at GRC Newsgroups for the complete info.

    I lurk there a lot and occasionally post when I have issues with my machine.

    I am a novice but can...
  6. Postscript

    Did I post too much system information?
  7. Thank you!!! I am relieved to know that my HJT...

    Thank you!!!

    I am relieved to know that my HJT Log is clean.

    I will take a look at the memory settings.

    You are correct about the memory sticks. One is 128, one 64.

    Yes I do get...
  8. Removed Trojan with TrojanHunter 4.5 still like for you to have a look at HJT log

    Hello everyone,
    First I would like to thank you for the service you provide. I was able to resolve most of my S&D questions by viewing other threads in the S&D forums. I would attempt to do the...
  9. Thread: immunize

    by bigrabbit

    same problem "noticed a difference in file versions"

    I am having the same problem.

    One of the things I always do is look at the file version numbers

    Spybot S&D teatimer version

    Spybot S&D version

    I noticed a slight...
  10. Replies

    Thanks again

    Many thanks to you sir!!!
    Issues seem to be happily resolved.
    Your instructions were quite easy to follow and that is quite a relief to a novice.
    Thanks again:D
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    One down one to go

    Thanks for the assistance,
    I have successfully corrected the issue with the decision popups!!!:D

    I will now attempt the "text exceeds mem issue"

    Thanks once again:bigthumb:
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    Teatimer Popups illegible

    When making needed changes teatimer popups appear but are illegible. I think I know what they should say but when I click on them it denies changes. Tried to unload teatimer but when I click...
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    Issue Resolved perhaps?

    It would seem after several uninstall and reinstall cycles that I have discovered the source of the issue on my machine or with the install wizard for the program. It would seem that the updates are...
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    I am trying to use version 1.4 to no avail. I...

    I am trying to use version 1.4 to no avail. I will try the manual updates. perhaps I will have better luck with that. Thanks for the input.
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    Spybot not working

    Just downloaded and installed S&D on WinME system. Got several errors while trying to update regarding UNZDLL.DLL. SPYBOT will not scan and informs me I must update first. When I search for...
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