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  1. Many thanks, Zenobia. Maybe I will try.

    Many thanks, Zenobia. Maybe I will try.
  2. Why Spybot full scan scans every file kind, including images, and how to ignore them?

    Hi, I have had SpyBot from years, beginning from W95 decades ago.

    Now I'm not understanding fully the behavior I observe when I try to launch:
    --> a full scan on a folder or drive, from context...
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    Support request submitted

    Support request submitted, referencing this thread.

    Sorry also for duplicate posting the reference to Event Sentry site, but my link is the updated version at least.
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    Missing event log message for sbNet errors - some explanation from another site

    Hi, I add to my previous reply above.

    Those guys at Event Sentry seems to have some hint about missing messages on the event log, but I dunno how I can cure this for Spybot message, not knowing...
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    Any news here? In 2021 I'm getting same info messages logged on W8.1, SB ver 2.8

    Hi, any new here? We are now in 2021, and I am getting same info messages logged in EVT log on W8.1, SB ver 2.8.

    This is the standard Microsoft gobbledygook for missing event messages on the event...
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