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  1. right, because i've been in contact with zone...

    right, because i've been in contact with zone alarm and they clame that the PC tune up detection is a false positive. further they do not know why you would see the detection as not a false...
  2. False Positive, PC tune up, part of zone alarm extream security

    hi just noticed a detection, after a little reserch i found it was part of zone alarm.

    Operating System - Windows 7 64 bit
    browser - firefox, 29.0.1
    Version of Spybot - spybot Search & Destroy...
  3. thanks

    thanks, resolving the issue now.
  4. spybot detects zone alarm and zone alarm toolbar as montera.toolbar

    sorry for reposting this in advanced. i just saw the forum rules and realised my 'added info' post in the following thred.
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    Sticky: Need User Feedback: not to sure

    yeah i'm not to sure if my false positive applies to this thred or not.

    when you mean tea timer. is that a side prodict or dose spybot S&D roll in to that?

    if so i already posted a spybot S&D...
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    added info

    also i scanned with malwarebytes, windows defender and zone alarm and they all say i'm clean.

    i'd like to know if it's a false positive or not soon, also as a side note dose spybot have an ignore...
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    spybot detects zone alarm toolbar

    ok, so i updated zone alarm and installed the toolbar for it and now spybot is poping up with a detection of 9 registry entries.

    i know it's zone alarm because both me and my partner downloaded...
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