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  1. Think i might have some Malware, please help!

    Hi there,
    I recently and foolishly clicked on a link posted on my Facebook page which opened Google start page when i clicked on the link. Since then, Windows Internet Explorer has been opening on...
  2. Sneaky suspision there may be malware on me laptop

    Hey, was wondering if someone could help me out- my computer has been displaying some erratic behavior, even more so than is normal for vista, and think i may have malware, possibly a trojan.
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    In the process of removing Zlob Trojan

    Previous Thread:

    Many thanks for previous help- i've carried out all of the above without hitch.
    Combofix Log

    ComboFix 08-07-04.6 - Holly...
  4. Infected with Zlob backdoor trojan-need help in knowing which files to delete

    I've run an AVG scan and deleted/faulted most of the files, but still have some infected files on my laptop. Downloaded Trend Micro HjackThis v2.0.2, but when it comes to knowing which files to...
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