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    Attempt #4. Virtumonde.

    I was asked to post an uninstall log the last time I spoke with a helper. I have posted it at the bottom of this thread.

    I would like to...
  2. Thread: Jokes

    by This Sucks

    Jesus Christ walks into an inn. He tosses the...

    Jesus Christ walks into an inn.
    He tosses the inkeeper three nails and asks
    "Hey , can you put me up for the night?"
  3. Virtunode and friends have drop kicked my Security Center

    Virtuemonde . What more do I need to say ? My machine was trying to link me to fix it sites but for some ominous reason unbeknown to me , has stopped.

    My Automatic Updates for XP have been shut...
  4. Virtumonde.sci ? I can't seem to kill it .

    Firstly I attempted to download RestTeaTimer.bat only to be linked to code. I'm assuming that may be part and parcel to my problem . I followed the link found in the "Before You Post" section.

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