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    Thank you tashi. Problem solved. Your...

    Thank you tashi.

    Problem solved.

    Your instructions for Live Protection showed that while it was flagged as ON, it was not active.
    After I activated it, Internet Protection remained OFF.
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    Internet Protection has stopped working. Cannot switch it on, even in Administrator mode.
    Getting messages about Proxies that I don't understand. The only system changes made were
    regular Windows...
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    SpyBot Mobile App?

    I would be very happy if I had Spybot on my Tablet. Is this a possibility?

    Was surprised to find no mention of this topic in FAQs

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    Sticky: CRAGUSBE - additional thoughts.

    Looked up some old correspondence about SpyBot Problems and found a suggestion that I should install
    SpyBot using Administrator Mode to ensure that it contains all needed bells & whistles.

    I am...
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    Sticky: I have the same problem

    Yesterday, I renewed my annual Licence for Professional Ediion + AV 2.8

    I had to update my existing version of Spybot which did have a working Live Protection.

    The updated version will not...
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    Changing password

    Thank you very much for putting me on the right path.
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    Changing password

    I have tried to change my password by re-registering.

    When I opted to retain my existing user name I was given the option to enter my email address.

    Got a message that password-change info...
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    Problems when I try to LOG IN to Forums.

    I am using a password manager (PM).

    Recently, when I try to Log-In, using this PM, in the Log-In windows in the banner at the right-hand top of the screen,
    I get the (failure) reply shown in the...
  9. License installed.

    Thank you, tashi.
  10. Code to support my licence for Home Edition.

    After having trouble with Bit Defender preventing completion of my system scans I decided to re-install Spybot 2.7.
    The re-installed one worked without a problem.
    However, this is the Free version....
  11. SPYBOT Home Edition 2.7 (licensed), Windows 10 - all up-to-date.

    My monthly scans have been running normally, but this one has given a message window about Bit Defender Threat Scanner problem. I could not clear this window, and it prevented me from fixing the...
  12. Cannot install Live Protection - continued....

    Hello Zenobia, sorry, bad news.
    Uninstalled and Re-installed 2.6 (in Administrator Mode) 3 times - just to make sure that I got everything right.
    Got the same messages "cannot install / load LP...
  13. Thanks Zenobia for your suggestions but no Luck.

    I followed your instructions: re-start, administrator, install Live Protection. Got the reply "Live Protection Driver cannot be installed". Tried "Download LP until re-boot". Got message "Live...
  14. Cannot install Live Protection Windows 10, Spybot Home 2.6

    Live Protection.

    Keep getting message "cannot install"

    New computer, Spybot 2.6 installed. Had 2.4 on old Vista computer.
  15. Thanks for your prompt reply, Zenobia.

    If it's a "small" bug known to the Spybot team then I'm confident that it will be fixed without me needing to contact support.

    If it happens again, I will re-open the thread.
  16. Message - 2 other users detected using my Spybot - infringement of license.

    This has me worried.

    I have Spybot Home 2.6 installed on my one-month-old Windows 10 Laptop. It is not installed on any other product of mine.

    I did have Spybot Home 2.4 on my old Windows Vista...
  17. Many thanks.

    I have just sent my data to support. May I let you know the results, or will you be able to see progress?
  18. CRAGUSBE here. Thanks Zenobia for your reply.

    I am aware of Vista support ending last April, and no updates from Microsoft.

    I do have a Spybot Home License.
    I cannot find the place to "click on I have a License"??

    Further info about the...
  19. VISTA. Cannot open Spybot Home or Free after completing full system scan.

    I ran scan with Spybot Home after getting problems with Windows Explorer stopping when I tried to open some files.

    14 minor problems identified (similar to results of previous scans), and these...
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