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  1. TeaTime and other spyware

    If I'm using SpyBot do I need programs like Windows Defender and Ad Aware? I also use Norton 7 which is supposed to have filters. Any ideas on this subject?
  2. TeaTime allow deny

    OK So I turn TeaTime back on and when it traps the next instance of the change I click allow and remember. Right? Since I did not click remember the last time and only closed the pop up I'm in good...
  3. reverse Registry change

    TeaTimer keeps track of the denied entry. Can I use that to do a registry edit? How would I place that entry in TeaTimer so it would not deny the change in the future?
  4. How to decide: "Allow" or "deny" registry change?

    If I have denied the registry change how do I undo the denial? Norton A/V has stopped showing some of the system tray icons. I have disabled Teatimer for now.
  5. Replies

    registry change will be denied

    OK I could not see the buttons and closed the window. Now how do I allow the change to take place?
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