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  1. I am running Windows 7 Pro and I get the message:...

    I am running Windows 7 Pro and I get the message:

    Seems the file is not digitally signed so Windows refuses to run it. I have even tried manually executing it and the same message comes up....
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    Large applications includes Firefox? I wouldn't...

    Large applications includes Firefox? I wouldn't call that large by any means. However, the number of files it uses along with the application may be the factor to deal with.
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    Live protection problems

    I've had to turn off live protection because I tried to run Firefox and 10 minutes later, there was a stream of live protection tasks on my taskbar and Firefox still was not responding. I had to...
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    Navigate away from this page.

    I often see a message "you are about to navigate away from this page"... etc followed by an OK or Cancel button. You just know as soon as you click OK, it will upload spyware or malware but it won't...
  5. Nebuler.BHO: How do you get rid if the registry entry replacer?

    I searched and found the link to the manual removal. Nothing that is mentioned is in my registry so it has obviously been removed.

    However, Spybot keeps finding it so there is still something that...
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