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    Hey :D After I undeleted the files the little...

    Hey :D After I undeleted the files the little boxes were still there, but after it was restarted again, they quit showing up. So I think undeleting them fixed the boxes showing up. I mean fixed it...
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    Sorry about the confusion :D The first thing was...

    Sorry about the confusion :D The first thing was that I did the search for the bot check in these forums but couldn't find anything that had to do w/ my question about what it meant. Thanks for...
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    Running bot check question

    I did a search for running bot-check & didn't find anything so I hope my question hasn't been answered yet.

    Anywho, the status bar at the bottom when it's doing that - is that stuff it's searching...
  4. :D Thanks

    Okey dokey then. I'll talk to him about deleting his junk! I guess this is the end for us. LOL.. me and you, not me and him! Hehehe.. If everything is squeaky clean when I'm done with all that,...
  5. quick question :D

    Hello! I was wondering, if I delete all that stuff from Mark's side of the computer, will it get rid of the last 2 viruses?

    Also, to delete those items, do I just search in my computer and...
  6. Kaspersky

    Well, this is much better than the first scan I did! The first scan found 10 viruses and this one only 2!
    The website I'm trying to get to is I'm able to get on it on my...
  7. New HJT

    Hello! Thanks so much for helping me with this! Before you wrote me back the first time, I'd found out that ego was some kind of virus (its funny cause I'd always wondered...) so I deleted that at...
  8. rapport

    SmitFraudFix v2.274

    Scan done at 1:19:53.28, Thu 12/20/2007
    Run from C:\Documents and Settings\Katie\Desktop\SmitfraudFix
    OS: Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600] - Windows_NT
  9. I have viruses and smitfraud problems...

    I tried to do everything you said in that one post ... before posting. But my computer would not let me turn it on in safe mode. I tried a couple of times but it wouldnt do. So here is the HJT...
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