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  1. Is there a ‘select drive to scan’ option menu in SBv1.6 ?

    Spybot’s ‘Advanced’ Search & Destroy menu and ‘Check for problems’ button, do not make it at all clear, exactly what hardware is being scanned ??? :blink:

    In fact, it’s as clear as MUD ! :buried:...
  2. Help please: Reciprocating Task Bar, Popping noises & my ISP’s Anti-Virus overridden!

    PC spec: Win XP Pro 32bit inc Ser Packs 2 & 3. IE v6. CPU Intel Core2@3gig, RAM 4gig (swap file in RAM, not on H/D) M/B Asus P5WDH deluxe, 7x1Tera H/Ds, MSI-NX8800GT, DX9.0c. Stable machine....
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