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  1. Fixed: New NSIS Media Extension False Positive

    Disclaimer: Sometimes people believe that detection of the real trojan NSIS Media Extension is a false positive for the Nullsoft software NSIS. However, there really is adware with the similar name...
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    IE7 & Immunize

    Does Immunize work properly with IE7, or is it a work in progress? Should immunizations with IE7 be done now, or should most users wait?
  3. Sun Java Update 9 Detected as SystemDoctor2006

    Using the latest definitions, Spybot has detected C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temp\ICD1.tmp\jinstall.exe, a file created during the install for Sun J2SE Runtime Environment...
  4. Apparent Manual Fix

    Fernando suggests the following fix herethat seems to work for me so far:

    Thanks to Mickey Segal for pointing this out to me.

    If anyone has insight on what the...
  5. Do you mean that the update will fix the damage...

    Do you mean that the update will fix the damage done by "fixing" the false positive (which is what I hope), or that it will fix/prevent future detections of the false positive?
  6. Manual Recovery?

    I purged the recovery and had System Restore disabled, because I was trying to remove an insidious NSIS Media infection. How can I get the tablet button functionality back? Is there a tablet...
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