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  1. Google getting ready to block all 3rd party programs

    As many have by now in some form or another encountered a Problem with Windows 10 version 1803 it should be no surprise how many forums exist about help required for a myriad of topics about it. My...
  2. Problem Resolved Now

    A kind thanks for the information & the willingness to help @Zenobia :thanks:

    This issue in regards to the original Post has been resolved now.

    Am going to try to keep the links supplied so...
  3. Trying to Solve Spybot incompleteness

    For clarification I used the SCBI Editor (I believe it is) to TRY to write as per your link @Zenobia. Thought it was supposed to create a form of a custom scan & would speed up the whole process....
  4. Newly Assigned as Family IT & Am Lost Pt 1

    Am used to being up late & long but I thought all that was over when I started driving truck. Somewhat of a Gen X :kboard: & just naturally curious is how I wound up in this current situation. Family...
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