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  1. thanks you

    :D: ok, i saved the link , when the final version comes out, i will give it a go , thank you
  2. ???, when the time come's: 1.6.2 too 2.0 spybot search & distroy

    dell dimension 2400 32 bit
    2 gigs of ram
    60 gig hard drive.
    i have windows XP home sp3.
    spyware Blaster
    spybot search and distroy 1.6.2
    MSE as my antivirus(ya i know, but my pc is...
  3. please help:Question on the 2.0 beta , and the stable version

    :spider: ok, i had to reformat my PC and re-install windows XP home SP3.

    i used spybot search and destroy 1.6.2 , before my pc did a nice little crash
    ha ha . ok, i just downloaded the stable...
  4. the newest beta release failed this guys test.


    this guy on youtube test out the latest and newest beta release of spybot & destroy 2.0

    and it failed all test. and after i watched his video i found a few thing i did not like, it was...
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    your website was un-able to open

    your website was not able to load up and open, and it was not at my end, i had another forum test it , but seem all fine now ,why was your site down?.

    my pc is clean.
  6. yep it was that too

    well to be sure every thing was cool with both programs , i went into the privacy tab of firefox and made sure that "site Preferences" was unchecked.
    and it was already.

    i did open...
  7. thanks it worked !!!!!

    thank you so much,,did all that from the link you provided.
    worked like a charm, the cool thing too, is that it also made my firefox 3.5 work better.

    how cool, thank you for...
  8. so how do i fix the firefox profile thingy ?


    so how do i fix my firefox profile problem ?,,

    i also want to thank every one for all their replies back to me.
  9. spywareblaster also needs to upgrade their...

    spywareblaster also needs to upgrade their product.
  10. firefox 3.5 final is out now !,,you need to upgrade spybot !

    todays date 6-30-09

    ok , you need to upgrade spybot search & destroy now.

    firefox 3.5 final just rolled out.

    why i'm saying this?.

    well when i upgraded from Firefox 3.0.11 to
  11. spyware blaster's forums noticed too,,,about spybot search and distroy

    people in the spyware blasters forum have now noticed the same thing as me,,,, as soon as i posted my thread there.

    check it out.

    the two sites just need to notify each other is all.

  12. spybot search & distroy some how messing with spyware blaster.


    todays date 9-3-2008
    time 7:39am

    OK,,,before i begin,,here are my stats.

    dell dimension 2400
    windows xp home sp3
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    its still a better program,,

    :heart: spybot is still the best,,,while every one is getting infected,,,my pc is clean,,i have yet to get infected,, :heart: i love spybot.
    i also use spyware blaster,,,its good too,,these two...
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    thank u ,,all is fixed now

    :heart:thank u ,,did an update ,,put every thing back to the way it used to be and all is fixed now,,thank u.:heart::heart::heart::heart:
  15. thank u ,,all is good now

    thank u ,,all is good now
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    "uh oh",,problem with spybot and spyware blaster.

    ok,,,same problem .

    i noticed its the firefox protection thats preventing
    spyware blaster from working with spybot.

    i did as "md usa spybot fan",,said to do and it did not work exactly,
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    i have the same problem,,but,,,,,more to say

    :clown: ok,,,same problem as "bhamer ".

    i noticed its the firefox protection thats preventing
    spyware blaster from working.
    i did as "md usa spybot fan",,told you to do and it did not...
  18. Thread: 1.5.2 problem

    by kissbaby

    thanks,,i will keep a watch out for the final


    thank u,,,,:angel:
  19. Thread: 1.5.2 problem

    by kissbaby

    ok,,,just a quick ??????. please help,,thanks.

    ok,,,,first i only go to to see if there any updates of my favorite programs,, i dont download from the site,,,,,why because they might have the .exe and it might have...
  20. Thread: version 1.5

    by kissbaby

    so you want spybot search an distroy back 1.4,,,here it is

    so you want the spybot search an distroy 1.4 back,,,here you go

    the newer versions seem to be having to much...
  21. need help please,,its about spybot search ,,,,


    ok,,,,i still have the older version of spy bot search and distroy 1.4.
    i have been looking at your forums and reading up on the new spybot version,,,version was
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    same here

    i have spybot search and distroy 1.4,,it does that to my floppy drive as well
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    hmmmmm,,i think i will hold,,,,,,,,

    i think i will hold off installing the new version of spybot search and distroy for awhile,,

    :spider: i was reading around on this forums and already i'm reading bugs in the new...
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    ok,,me new person

    ok,,,,i read this post ,,it say to un-install version 1.4 before u get the new version,,but the fix thing i dont get ,,,nothing downloads,,i dont get it :sad:
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    i just downloaded the new version of,,,,,,

    i just downloaded the new version of spybot search an distroy ,,version,, today.

    before i install it ,,, do i have to un-install version 1.4 ?.

    or do i go ahead and...
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