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  1. Would Spybot do this? Nah...Spybot wouldn't do this?!?

    Hi Safer! I finally got in!! LOL! Here is question. Would Spybot keep me from getting on some of my websites? For instance, I have an account with Yahoo since forever, now I can't login with...
  2. Changing Active X's

    Well let's put it this way, NO. I don't know how. I'm trying to think, they are allowed on my Internet Security and Javascripts etc. However your Spybot is moving and grooving and catching things...
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    by (c)†Beauty†

    Sticky: Me Neither!

    Me neither! No uploader?? Why is this?
  4. I need an answer, and I need it now! Please.

    Dear Guys, I am a very sick woman, and my brain is on fry, but it keeps saying when I send a email now, that my Active X's are not on or not functioning. The Log is saved, please it's locking up...
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    Well, Now What?

    DEAR SPYBOT TECHIES, downloaded the program, S&D'd and it said lots of problems, but I don't know how to fix, and am not sure they need to be. I have a log, but will not send until you request. ...
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    Ya'll Are Famous!!

    Just read article in our paper about you guys. I got a new computer in January and I've had nothing but problems since we put it up. Hewlett Packerd and my Server, Comcast both said that sometimes...
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