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    SDOnAccess.exe and Outlook 365

    This seems to be a reoccurring problem and has made me in the past uninstall my paid SB S&D license.

    Today I woke up to 30+ SDOnAccess.exe shown in my task manager but not dialog boxes on the...
  2. I see the task in the scheduler. It stopped doing...

    I see the task in the scheduler. It stopped doing it all of a sudden. Which is strange. Could have been due to other things outside of Spybot. But still some games are unable to connect to their...
  3. Sudden Immunization & Internet Access Problems

    I have the paid version of Spybot +AV along with the Beacon program. Everything was working fine until about a week ago.

    Suddenly I had limited internet access. My OneDrive wouldn't sign in, I...
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    Look at the secure boot option. I have the...

    Look at the secure boot option.

    I have the same problem, but I read in the notes that if you have Secureboot enabled in the bios it won't allow you to install the Live Protection.

    I could be...
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    Sticky: OneDrive Service & Group Policy

    It appears turning either or both of these on doesn't allow syncing of your OneDrive documents.

    It seems obvious but I wasn't sure so I applied both of these optional settings.

    So I turned them...
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    I've restarted several times and still shows...

    I've restarted several times and still shows that. I guess it's nothing and won't worry about it but tit's actually been showing that for several months.
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    Software is being updated...

    The system tray icon always says this. I had a problem with updating recently. It kept failing but after several tries it finally updated. But this message is still there. I don't think it is a...
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