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  1. Sdwelcome.exe incompatible with windows 8.1 64 bits

    I reduced the settings of Spybot to very minimalistic ones, tried the windows compatibility tool again, and now it reads that Sdwelcome.exe is incompatible (with windows 8.1 64 bits).

  2. In practice I saw this ona video on youtube about...

    In practice I saw this ona video on youtube about spybot, I am not certain the feature is available, as I fear compatibility problems with windows 8.1
  3. lockdown registry feature, more advantages than problems?

    Windows 8.1
    Mcafee resident anti virus

    In last free spybot, the lockdown registry feature:

    A) is really effective?, intruders and malware do not yet know how to handle it?
    B) cannot give...
  4. Compatibility Spybot free version 2.2.25 with Windows 8.1 64 bits

    Windows 8.1 64 bits
    Chrome browser

    Would you pls help with this?

    I downloaded Spybot free version 2.2.25 from this forum and on the desk top of my pc, I ran the windows compatibility tool....
  5. Windows 8.1 64 bits & 3 accounts, 3 scans?

    Windows 8.1 64 bits

    A) is Spybot search & destroy v 2.2.25 (free version) fully adapted to windows 8.1 64 bits with several user accounts?
    The windows compatibility web page says yes, but my...
  6. WebChechWebCrawler vlaue in reg key is suspicious?

    Windows 8.1

    I have deleted many deltas, mywebsearch, babylon, yontoo, webcake etc.

    In Hkey classes root CLSID I have a cryptic subkey with data "WebChechWebCrawler" can it be malicious? I...
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