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Thread: System Reboot during Scan

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    Question System Reboot during Scan

    Heyas ,

    It seems that my system does a reboot about 32% into a full scan . This has happened repeatedly on Spybot as well as Spyware Doctor . My CPU temp stays at 32 C during the scan , so I cannot rule out overheating ; but I do not see it as the cause . { I have recently blew the dust out of my tower and had no change other than going from 36 C to 32 C temps } After recovery , I recieve a windows serious error message with the details of

    BCCode:c2 BCP1:00000040 BCP2:QA430000 BCP3:80000000
    BCP4:00000000 OSVer:5_1_2600 sp:2_0 Product:256_1

    I have run both programs in Safe Mode without error and found nothing to remove . Norton also finds nothing in both regular and safe mode . It now seems to randomly reboot sometimes as well . The Motherboard and AMD 64 CPU are less than a year old .

    Thanks for any help ,

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    Spybot is quite CPU intensive. It is possible that the CPU overheating and the system is shutting down to protect the processor. Make sure that the fans are running and that dust is cleared from any ventilation ports in the case.

    The problem can happen in both desktops and laptops, although the problem is more prevalent in laptops.

    If you have a laptop with one of the one of the following processors:

    - Mobile Pentium III-M
    - Mobile Pentium 4-M
    - Mobile Pentium 4
    - Mobile Pentium M / Centrino
    - Mobile AMD

    Take a look at following suggestion by 100mill:

    - Notebook CPU running hot during Spybot scan

    If you have a desktop consider opening the case and checking to make sure the CPU heat sink is not too dusty. Doubt that this can be a problem, read the following threads:
    - Spybot causes shut down
    - PC crashes while Spybot is running

    Best regards
    Team Spybot

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