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Thread: ver. online analyzer, and other Q's

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    Default ver. online analyzer, and other Q's

    When I clicked the about I did not get version Information.
    I did an online analyzer - Whats with that, I got no results ???
    Is there some form of help associated with this ?

    Having used Spybot S&D I see much of the same search results as I
    did using Runalyzer 0.6, Will Runalyzer overtake Spybots advanced

    Having Used Runalyzer once I can say it looks pretty usefull, I wish I thought
    to test it on a recent clients system that had a couple diallers, a trojan, and
    a hijacker... Oh Well, that'll come around again.

    As with Spybot S&D, is there or will there be a means to undo, create a backup?

    I think I'll take a better look at Runalyzer b4 I ask anymore Q's.

    Nice Job so far.

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    Yes, RunAlyzer will replace the Tools section from Spybot in the future. Dedicated apps (even if they may come in one and the same package ) for dedicated tasks, to allow for smaller apps, smaller updates, etc..

    The Online Analyzer... well, it downloads information about the entries. If you look into some lists, you'll notice entries that do have either a green or red background, which means they've been classified by us as good or bad

    The point of that highlighting is that while RunAlyzer shows a really huge number of entries, it makes finding culprits easier by highlighting those already clearly known as bad, and by making the number of unknown entries smaller through highlighting good ones as well (you can use the "Hide Legit" buttons to show only bad and unknown entries).

    We currently have about 130.000 classified entries and about 10.000 that still need to get classified. Due to some changes on the synchronisation of results they might not yet all be available, should be fixed soon though.
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