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Thread: Connections settings??

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    Default Connections settings??

    I have been trying to connect to Real Player as I have just downloaded the latest free version onto my new pc and it won't connect at all to I have got it installed on the laptop and it works ok but when I went to play a music file from one of the news items on the BBC home page it was supposed to have been played with Real Player but the one installed on the pc was the very old version and that wouldn't work either so I tried to download it from their site but it just said I wasn't connected and to check my internet connection so I downloaded the newer version from the Computeractive Website and it downloaded ok but just coming up to the end of the 'completion' of the thing it said to check my internet connections again and so back to square one. I have checked the firewall and bits and bobs like that but no good ~ Windows Medial Player is ok but some files on some webpages will only use R/Player ~ so any suggestions please? I am on Orange Broadband.
    So now I have just installed SpyBot onto the new pc too and just tried to click on the 'Check for Updates' and it comes up with this 'Error retrieving update into file! Socket Error # 10061 Connection refused. and a red Button with a X is in the box so for some reason the connection isn't there either for 'Spybot' so what do I do now? I am connected and on Orange Broadband and have tried all the settings for the Firewalls and Security stuff but don't know what else to look for.

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    re:the 'Error retrieving update info file! Socket Error # 10061 Connection refused'
    Have a look here:
    If that doesn't work,you could download the updates manually:

    Detection updates 2007-01-12 - product description

    md5: FC1EF6F6AF1372B38EF72D689B789A77

    This updates the detection rules. Only needed if you do not want to use the update function integrated into Spybot-S&D

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