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    I have been using Spybot for some time. Most recemend it hightly. I just found this V2 and gave it a try.

    1. This is huge, 45MB vs 16MB for version 1.6
    2. The program UI is huge as well. Mind boggling at the least.
    3. It looked more like a V8 or at least a V5, not V2 with all the changes.
    4. I don't like processes running at startup. I see nowhere where you can stop the tray icon within the program from running. I had to us M$ Config to do so. While I understand the purpose of it running for real time monitoring, not having ability to stop it from loading is a issue AFAIC!

    I hate to be negative, since this obviously took a hell of a lot of effort, but this is too much too soon. It needs to be a V2, not a V8.
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