Dear Tashi,

Apparently you may have missed several of the great posts made by myself and by many other users that have already clearly established that Spybot is in fact not the cause of this problem. Obviously, the problem is with Zonemap handling in Outlook, and of course Spybot is a contributor due to its Immunization feature. I think you would be doing this message board a great service is you would review its posts a bit more thoroughly before attempting to question them.

I have done a tremendous job of isolating the causes of this problem and sharing them with the rest of this message board. I do not appreciate your attempt to negate everything that I have worked for by reiterating facts that have already been established. Perhaps if you were more attentive and thorough, this would not be an issue.

Furthermore, I do not appreciate your attempt to regulate my opinions, as what I posted was both fair and necessary. Your lack of professionalism, the pusillanimous nature of some of your posters (although not all, I am sure), and your inability to tolerate my candor are suspect and infuriating. As such, I will immediately resign my account with the Spybot forums, and I will leave the responsibility of dissecting and solving this issue to your team. Seeing as how you have made absolutely no progress until this thread was formed, I expect no results.

The readers of this thread may thank you for prolonging this problem, Tashi.

-Ronald Reagan