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Thread: WIN32.TROJAN.SPY virus problems plus more

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    Exclamation WIN32.TROJAN.SPY virus problems plus more

    I am having a major problem with more than one trojan virus, my registry values are beyond f**ked, i have several programs that are supposed to eliminate the problems, and none have.

    I have WinAntiVirus 2006 popups opening up every time i get online, and my computer has gotten to the point where i refuse to get online because i fear it will crash very soon if i do.

    It has shut down my Norton Anti Virus protection more than once, and i have had several blocked Trojan.vundo's and its almost nonstop. My computer periodically has had to shut itself down due to .exe's being terminated without warning.

    I know that i have a problem with the win32.trojan virus, and the trojan.vundo virus. i have also had problems related to a registry key known as MSSMGR. I have tried to delete it both physically and with programs that
    have been listed in other threads. Neither method has worked. Also, i have tried your Spybot Search and Destroy program as well, and things seemed only to get worse

    I seem to also have a problem with cookies dumping themselves uncontrollably on my computer, and i have yet to stop or even begin to know how to stop an uncontrollable flow of malware etc. into my computer. The situation is so bad, that i had to use a laptop (from a friend) just to post this thread.

    I need serious help.

    I know that a particular member of yours by a name something of LS Calamity
    or something along that line who has resolved many of the same problems i am having now, but i have attempted the same methods for solution, and nothing has worked.

    A lot of research has led me to believe that much of the problems have come from a website known as WildTangent. I had an ex-friend look up porn on my computer a while back and thats when all this started to happen.

    I can't fix it, and i don't even know where to begin. I am pissed off, stressed, and on the verge of tears trying to fig5re this out. I have college classes i need to attend to, and now i can't. 9 out of 10 times, IE closes shortly after opening it. I'm so emotionally turbulent over the situation that if i saw my old friend who was the cause of this, i probably would have introduced my bat to his face (if that gives any of you an idea as to how pissed off and upset i am).

    i have emailed the webadmin twice, asking for links to threads that might have helped me, and i have had no response.

    I payed almost $2000 for my computer, and i CANNOT afford to crash and reboot the entire hard drive; i have too much to be lost, and no means to save any of it.

    I have tried using all of the following to avail:

    Norton AntiVirus 2006
    Spybot Search and Destroy
    Ad-Aware SE Personal
    AVG version 7.5

    I don't even know how to post a HijackThisLog. I barely figured out how to post this thread.

    I think maybe some help might soothe me just a little.

    The least i would really like is a response to inform how long the wait for help would be (assuming i'd be getting help...).


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    This topic was in the Tavern and missed, partly because the tavern is for general chat.

    However magnus found his way to our malware removal forum:

    Closed now as the problem appears to have been resolved.
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