I have just installed the 1.5 rc1 (in XP), which, to my horror, brought up the same old glitch in the Tea Timer as in 1.4.

I guess I'll use Resource Hacker to fix mine. The Murdo Patch, posted at the beginning of this thread in November 2005, doesn't seem to work in the 1.5 beta.

Such an old problem is so extremely discouraging—and infuriating, too, because it is a "remember this decision" choice in TeaTimer.

How many people—thousands?—have suggested to others that they try Spybot as an alternative to Ad-Aware, only to be told later, "Well, at least Ad-Aware works right!"

The last Spybot version that had a good TeaTimer popup box was the Spybot 1.4 beta. It worked perfectly.