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    Question Ya'll Are Famous!!

    Just read article in our paper about you guys. I got a new computer in January and I've had nothing but problems since we put it up. Hewlett Packerd and my Server, Comcast both said that sometimes evil people put all kinds of things on the computer before it's packaged so that they can come back and use it later. So we got most fixed, then I get a Trojan, $70 to remove by Symantec even though it was blocked. Now my extra spyware told me that Winrar like Winzip but with creatures, is a Hacker and today I get message that 1) I have a parasite and then my full Internet Security says I have a virus. <SIGH> What in the heck is going on? How do I get rid of this crap once and for all? Do I need to call Symantec and pay $70.00 again? Thanks~~Beauty
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    First, I suggest that you read the following thread to help prevent future infections:

    Secondly, I suggest that you consider posting in the Malware Removal forum and having someone take a look at your system and help remove any malware you currently have on your system. Follow the instructions here:

    After completing those steps, start a new thread (topic) in the following forum (making sure to include the HijackThis log and online scan logs produced from the instructions above):

    ps: If you do post in the Malware Removal forum, I suggest that use the default forum font. Using "Comic Sans MS", size 5 in green made your post extremely hard to read.

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