I cannot remove this file using Spybot S&D, nor with the McAfee-provided security system included with AOL 9.0 Security Edition. After repeated scans with both systems (Spybot and AOL-McAfee), I receive the message that there is a malicious file at c:\\WINNT/system32\MXSOS.dll. Neither system can repair or delete the file.

Searching Google for MXSOS.dll, the first hit is to PREVX. The company website directs one to download PREVX1. I looked at the user reviews for PREVX1 on CNET and the reviews are uniformly bad. Supposedly, PREVX1 is a nightmare, and even difficult to uninstall. As a non-sophisticated user, I don't need to compound my problems.

On Google, virutally all of the other entries commenting about MSXOS.dll are in Chinese. I do not read Chinese. The computer-generated translations are primitive, however, one webpage seemed to imply that MSXOS.dll is a Trojan.


Thanks in advance.