Two days ago I installed AVG Freeware on our computer (It had something else called NOD32 before) - before installing the AVG the computer was a little slow in general, and when you turned it on, or when opening Explorer certain error messages appeared, but it functioned ok - the installation of the AVG found and put 27 viruses in quarantine
but now some programs won't open including: Nero Smart Smart, Quicktime Player, Vosky Call Center, and Skype and when I try to open them I get a message that says " Error starting the application because it could not find WININET.dll The reinstallation of the application may solve the problem" (that is actually a translation of the message because my computer is set up in Spanish) When I reinstalled Skype nothing changed, and when I try to uninstall skype it won't let me and the same error message appears - the error message also appears sometimes when you close certain programs such as firefox mozilla
the viruses that are in quarantine are all labeled not healable - I have this nagging idea that something good ended up in quarantine causing the problems, but since I know little about computers, it's not base on any solid evidence
according to the program it found 1 worm, 2 script viruses, and the rest are trojan horses - none of them has the exact name that appears in the error message but some start with something similar like winstall or winnt or end in dll - we are using Windows XP - they installed the antivirus at an internet cafe, which is where you can get technical help here - we are a small non-profit here in a rural part of Mexico - basically all programs here are pirated copies, originals are not available
so what should I do - is it more important to eliminate the bad files, or should I focus on saving the good ones - or is the problem something else entirely because anti-virus programs don't mistakenly eliminate good ones