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Thread: Never pops up-acts like its minimized

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    I found Runalyzer was taking so long to start,where I have IE-spyads(and some other things.)I tried removing the sites,and Runalyzer popped right up.Do you have that?I'm not suggesting to remove IE-spyads or the sites from it in your restricted zone permanently,where it helps protect you if you have it,or anything like that(I didn't),but for me that's what it was.

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    Hmmm ok, the hang is the same as in that topic about PE probably; I found this problem with an undocumented NtQuerySystemInformation call I use for getting information about system handles. I'm still thinking of a way to improve this better; right now I've disabled it for PE, but if this happens on other machines as well, I may make some kind of fail-safe mode
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