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Thread: very bad spycar test results

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    Spycar has been discussed before and I believe the discussion exposed that a behavior based protection product would be requred in this case.

    From my standpoint, I thinks the tests are pointless, since to perform them you must accept a (potentially rogue) executable file and allow it to run on your PC. If you would really do that, I don't see how you could really be protected since you invited the code into your system.

    Of course, if this code got past due to a new OS or other exploit, I suppose it would be nice to be informed, but I don't think the items that Spybot missed would be my real concern in this case. I'd probably be more concerned if the executable could disable my protection including TeaTimer and any real-time AV, since then it could do what it pleases.

    The fallacy in this case is that the Spycar executables aren't on the list of Processes to be stopped by Teatimer, since they aren't really malware, so the entire test is based on an invalid situation.


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    Question why not...

    Why don't you guys add those to your deffinition list... for the peace of our minds...
    I use this soft from its first days, and i recommended it to a lot of people...
    It's a great piece of work, i think you're professionals, so it wil be professional of you to do that.

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