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Thread: Zlob cannot be removed

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    Unhappy Zlob cannot be removed

    Spybot did not prevent Zlob VideoAccessActiveXObject from being loaded into my computer and now I cannot remove it. Can anyone render immediate assistance?

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    Hallo mczincila,

    As a first solution, please update your copy of Spybot-S&D to make sure you're not referring to a problem that has been solved recently.
    Spybot-S&D 1.4 is available; if you are using version 1.3 or older, please download and install (right over 1.3) this new version. You will find links to several download locations on our web site:
    Please do also update the new version as it might not contain all current detection rules. After this please proceed another scan and try to fix the problems.

    If this doesn´t solve the problem please send us your *complete* Spybot-S&D bug report: enter Spybot-S&D, switch to "Advanced Mode" via the menu bar item "Mode", let it scan, let it scan, try to fix the problems (!) and then go to "Tools" --> "View Report". Tick on all of the 10 checkboxes (leave "Do not report disabled or known legitimate items" unchecked) you can find there and click on "View Report". Now choose "Export" and save the file to your desktop. Please attach this file to your email and send it again to

    A hijackthis scan would be usefull. Please post the appropriate logs.

    Zlob files are usually located in the programfiles directory.

    Kind regards,

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    If a HJT log is needed, please either post it in the Malware Removal Forum with a link back to this topic. Or post it here and I will move the topic.

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